Dealing With Long and Short Term PTSD

I recently came across an interesting interview with a PTSD expert from Northwest Battle Buddies – a service that provides free service dogs to veterans suffering from PTSD. I always thought PTSD was PTSD but there are different degrees of this. Please follow and like us:

How To Find A Good Cardiologist

If you are experiencing any issue worrying the heart, it is important that you speak with an excellent cardiologist. What do you have to look for when picking a cardiologist? Education, experience and abilities are the main criterion you need to focus on when making the option. Leading 5 Tips […]

What Is The Difference Between An Optometrist And An Optician?

There are many terminologies in the medical profession that may not be properly understood by the average person. These terms need to be properly defined to ensure that patients make the right decisions whenever they need medical attention. After all, you want the right medical practitioner to offer treatment. When […]

How To Treat Dry Itchy Skin On Face

Skin hydration is your number one weapon when seeking how to treat dry itchy skin on face, and hydration also helps in the battle against aging. Sure, moisturizers have been used forever but modern times bring us multi-tasking ingredients that deliver more benefits. Hopefully your mantra isn’t “just drink water” […]

nursing scrub top

Why Do Nurses wear Scrubs?

While some people think nurses and doctors wear scrubs to look sexy (well, some nurses and doctors definitely look sexy in scrubs (no offense trying to be nice here)), the real answer to this question of course if different. Nurses and doctors do not wear scrubs because of comfort at […]

concussion injury

Signs And Symptoms Of Concussion Head Injuries

One way to explain it without medical jargon is that the brain inside the skull is “floating” in a fluid that fills the space between brain and bone. As a result of a direct hit on the head, either a blow or a fall, the brain hits against the walls […]

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How To Improve Eyesight Naturally With Food

One of the most common health problems in the world is poor vision. This may include blurred vision, blind spots and floaters. But did you know that there are certain approaches which could help you improve your eyesight? And they are not all surgical, mind you. One effective approach in […]

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How Can I Identify A Traumatic Brain Injury?

As its label recommends, distressing mind injury is far more compared to just a bump on the head. This type of injury takes place when there is an abrupt and intense injury to the brain. The Centers for Ailment Control and Deterrence estimate that drops are the leading cause of […]

shakeology nutrition facts

Shakeology Nutrition Facts – The Balanced Truth

Shakeology nutrition facts can rattle you to the bones–especially considering calcium content. Shakeology is a shake and fruit replacement combo that is sold through pyramid marketing. Of course, the objective of the product is to help the consumer lose weight, become healthy and control the appetite. However, actual Shakeology nutrition […]

Service Dogs Are Wonderful For PTSD

Almost every American wells known more than they want to concerning the awful battles in Iran, Iraq and also Afghanistan as well as the horrible price servicemen and ladies have actually paid while offering their country. Many of these take on heroes return to their to your house shore experiencing […]

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SEO For Health And Medical Related Sites

Seo or web marketing is one and the same thing. Basically it’s a process of raising the presence and also accessibility of a site as a result of overdue search by enhancing the working and also rating in online search engine. High page ranking websites are conveniently looked because when […]

healthy smoothie

Great Health With A Great Blender

Vitamix is a household term permanently health and wellness. There is no far better blender out there. Devices trash almost all cooking areas and have for years. What portion of them boost your well being as well as quality of life? But the Vitamix Corporation is not a brand-new arrival […]

Treating A Traumatic Brain Injury

An essential participant of the brain injury treatment group will likely be a physical therapist. Physical therapists assist people enhance their capability to carry out activities in living and also workplace. This kind therapy focuses on enabling individuals that struggle with mental, physical, developing, or psychologically disabling conditions to do, […]