concussion injury

Signs And Symptoms Of Concussion Head Injuries

One way to explain it without medical jargon is that the brain inside the skull is “floating” in a fluid that fills the space between brain and bone. As a result of a direct hit on the head, either a blow or a fall, the brain hits against the walls […]

image of a brain

How Can I Identify A Traumatic Brain Injury?

As its label recommends, distressing mind injury is far more compared to just a bump on the head. This type of injury takes place when there is an abrupt and intense injury to the brain. The Centers for Ailment Control and Deterrence estimate that drops are the leading cause of […]

Treating A Traumatic Brain Injury

An essential participant of the brain injury treatment group will likely be a physical therapist. Physical therapists assist people enhance their capability to carry out activities in living and also workplace. This kind therapy focuses on enabling individuals that struggle with mental, physical, developing, or psychologically disabling conditions to do, […]