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Is Barbecued Food Healthy?

Barbecued foods, in many instances, is used (or viewed) as the healthier alternative to other ways of cooking meats, in particular. For example, barbecuing is often a preferred option to frying. However, studies are now showing – particularly where meats are concerned – that this may not be the better option after all unless certain precautions are taken.

Is Barbecued Food Healthy: Here’s Why We Think Barbecued Food Is A Healthy Option

barbecued food

Grilling is a favorite Summer pastime for many of us. There is nothing quite like being outdoors and having fun with your nearest and dearest while some hamburgers or chicken kebabs are on the grill. It’s fun, food, and frolic at its best. To top it all off, grilling our meat is healthier than frying it, so all is well with the world – or is it?

We think grilling our meat and food is healthier due largely to the fact that the fat usually falls from the meat unto the coals below, leaving behind the leaner parts of the meat for consumption. However, some studies are showing that in high quantities the opposite can be true. This is because cooked meat produces a group of compounds known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs), of which high concentrations have been linked to causing cancer.

Admittedly, the concentrations of HCAs is a cause for concern. It is also true that these levels of concentration can prove to be higher in meat that is barbecued as a result of being cooked for longer and at higher temperatures. The good news is, however, that even at this high concentration of HCAs in barbecued meat, it is not high enough to result in cancer in the body. So, that is good news. Additionally, if one wants to further reduce the concentration of HCAs, then one can pre-cook the meet for two minutes in the microwave and then move it to the barbecue grill to finish and to get the flavor you love, according to one Harvard study [1]. Below, we look at even more ways we can make our barbecue healthier.

How To Make Barbecued Food Even Healthier

Instead of asking if barbecued food is healthy, perhaps the better question is asking, how can we make it better or healthier. After all, even though it is true that barbecuing meats can result in the formation of carcinogens HCA, there are many ways we can combat that and reduce the amount of HCA formed. We mentioned one option already above (pre-cooking your meat in the microwave prior to moving it to the grill. Other options to further reduce the formation of HCA in barbecued meat include:

1. Using a healthy marinade

A study in 2008 showed that marinades are great for helping to decrease the formation of HCA in cooked meat. Importantly, this marinade should be spicy and include key herbs. In addition to adding some pepper (like organic cayenne pepper), adding spices such as thyme, garlic, and sage, can all work well to reduce the amount of total HCAs in cooked meat. Concentrations of rosemary extracts work well too – with studies showing up an up to 90% reduction in some instances.

2. Reduce the grill heat and add alcohol

Given that very high temperatures increase the production of HCAs, reducing said temperatures when grilling can go a long way in reducing the amount of HCAs formed. As a rule of thumb, cooking your meat below 325 degrees Fahrenheit is the way to go. Additionally, adding alcohol to your marinade will help to reduce the formation of HCAs. A University of Porto study showed that allowing beef to marinate in red wine for approximately six hours before taking it to the grill significantly reduced the amount of HCA present. Carcinogens were reduced by up to 40% when compared with beer that was not marinated prior to barbecuing. Similarly, beer is also good for marinating.

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blue eyes

How To Improve Eyesight Naturally With Food

One of the most common health problems in the world is poor vision. This may include blurred vision, blind spots and floaters. But did you know that there are certain approaches which could help you improve your eyesight? And they are not all surgical, mind you. One effective approach in improving your eyesight is eating healthy food and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Note – I would still suggest that you find an optometrist in your city and visit them on a regular basis to make sure that you keep your eyes in check.

So what is the best food to improve your eyesight?

As you may have already known, carrot is considered the best food to improve your eyesight. Why is that so? It is because carrots are very rich in Vitamin A and beta-carotene. When Vitamin A is converted into its retinal form, your vision, especially night vision, is improved. Vitamin A has also been proven to fight age-related ocular diseases such as cataract and glaucoma. Beta carotene is also an anti-oxidant which is helpful in fighting off certain forms of cancers.

In choosing carrots to include in your salad or in any meal you are preparing, choose those which are bright orange, firm, and straight as they are the ones containing the most nutrients. You do not just get Vitamin A and beta carotene but also Vitamins K and C and potassium.

However, carrot is not the only food for your eyes. There are other foods you could include in your diet to improve your vision.

Here are five other foods you must include in your diet:

1. Eggs

eggsEnjoy it any way you want: scrambled, sunny side up, boiled or poached. Eggs should definitely be included in your diet. Why? Because it is rich in lecithin, amino acids, lutein, sulfur and cysteine. Compounds containing sulfur protect the lens of the eyes from cataract formation. It also contains B-vitamins and zinc which are both essential for your eyes’ overall health.

2. Leafy green vegetables

leafygreensChoose among spinach, kale, broccoli and more! Yes, not only are these vegetables beneficial to your general health, it is also very important in keeping your eyesight and your vision at its prime. These greens are especially rich in carotenoids, especially lutein (considered as the Vitamin “eye”) and zeaxathin. Lutein and zeaxathin are both antioxidants which help protect eyesight degeneration. To optimize these benefits, consume your greens fresh.

3. Cold water fish

cod fishSuch as cod, mackerel and tuna are rich in DHA, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamins A and D. DHA provides support for cell membranes and is highly recommended for dry eyes and sight preservation. Add two to three servings of cold water fish to your diet every week to optimize your diet. Make sure that the fish is fresh though.

4. Bilberries

bilberriesThese berries contain anthocyanosides, a compound proven to decrease the risk of losing your vision. Other variety of berries (such as strawberries, blueberries and blackberries) can also provide nutrition for your eyesight. Enjoy these fruits fresh or as a jam or jelly. As long as they are included in your diet.

5. Chocolates

chocolateYes, chocolates! And the darker the chocolate is, the better! Dark chocolates contain flavanoids which help protect the blood vessels around the eyes. This helps the cornea and lens to stay strong as you age. But then again, eat the chocolates in moderation.

If you are still concerned with your vision, consult an optometrist. However, prevention is better than cure. And creating some changes in your diet is just one option to preserve the health of your vision.

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shakeology nutrition facts

Shakeology Nutrition Facts – The Balanced Truth

Shakeology nutrition facts can rattle you to the bones–especially considering calcium content. Shakeology is a shake and fruit replacement combo that is sold through pyramid marketing. Of course, the objective of the product is to help the consumer lose weight, become healthy and control the appetite.

However, actual Shakeology nutrition facts available don’t reflect that the above benefits are being met by the drink, which, according to many reviewers on the Web, is being merchandised rather too aggressively via the pyramid scheme. One reviewer mentioned being pressured by her best friend to buy and thanked reviewers for having warned her beforehand, thus helping her take her money and run.

The Shakeology slimming product sells for $130 before tax. What you get is either 30 servings in a resealable pack or 24 single-serve packets. One reviewer was brave enough to say that Shakeology nutrition facts are true with the exception of taste, which a huge majority of reviewers chorused, was truly atrocious.

According to one consumer, however, the taste of the drink could be significantly improved by adding rice milk, almond milk or cinnamon. Other people say that throwing in more fruits and vegetables into the blender can help mask the awful taste.

One thing commendable is that the shake has chosen a midpoint when it comes to caloric values. It occupies the middle ground as far as actual calories are concerned. Another plus factor is that Shakeology contains the least sodium compared to other leading brands such as 18Shake, Herbalife, and GNC.

But as far as the high retail price goes, the product is simply unable to present any alternative facts. It’s just the most expensive shake that exists, smashing the Isagenix record. And so a big caveat emptor to budget-conscious buyers. If you must insist on using the product, be sure to match the consumption with double the exercise you normally do while using any of the top shake and meal replacement combos that have been around for a while. You get 160 calories per serving, so you have to find a way to burn all that when you are dead set on losing weight.

In packing the product with natural ingredients, the meal replacement goes overboard. To illustrate, there are 70 different ingredients per serving. If the manufacturer can find a way to make the taste more palatable if not outrageously nutritious, Shakeology nutrition facts might yet achieve market redemption.

Meanwhile, it’s a wait-and-see attitude for millions of people worldwide who got so excited by Shakeology’s aggressive campaign. The moral of the story is that it’s no longer enough to load a health drink with nourishing features. The taste of the product is still on top of the totem pole, as far as consumers are concerned.

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healthy smoothie

Great Health With A Great Blender

Vitamix is a household term permanently health and wellness. There is no far better blender out there. Devices trash almost all cooking areas and have for years. What portion of them boost your well being as well as quality of life? But the Vitamix Corporation is not a brand-new arrival to performance blenders for health and wellness. Their initial blender was put in residences during the 1940s. This is the supreme blender duration. The efficiency as well as power are amazing as soon as observed. There is no food safe within its blending container.

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The Vitamix blender really is a fantastic piece of equipment. Absolutely nothing beats this home appliance for making recipes that are much better for you as well as your loved ones. It’s truly no barrier to incorporate the hardest of foods quickly whatsoever to a much more vitamins and mineral functional level. It is important to have the option to depend on an item to assist us make wholesome dishes in today’s world. The Vitamix can be the answer. You will discover numerous wellness benefits as a result of eating vegetables and fruits made with this remarkable appliance.

You will find significantly to say of the impressive Vitamix. All things announced in regards to this unbelievable device is exact. As I’ve claimed, many thousands of men and women have invested around $500 to have on of these blenders. Could such a pricey blender be worth the price?

Initially, it’s exceptionally credible. The Vitamix can dealing with any sort of cooking area activity. It is presently a house-hold name along the lines of a bunch of numerous makes where their names ended up being related to the item. Vitamix examines all acknowledge that this is the most effective high quality blender you can acquire duration. Merely look for a testimonial and also it will certainly substantiate precisely exactly what that I am discussing. Yet one more aspect of Vitamix is their authentic commitment towards client contentment. Any time a single point fails bad during the extremely extensive service warranty, simply return it after that your trouble will definitely be fixed. In case an event develops that a blender merely can not be fixed, they’ll switch it out with a replacement Vita-mix while staying clear of any problem or shame.

In case it is exceptional efficiency you are searching for, the pursuit has ended. Vitamix has actually been making mixers for 70 years and have actually won many honors as well as client fulfillment testimonies. The simplicity when it concerns controls makes it more glading by the broader public. The way in which the buttons take place to be set out is extremely straightforward. Many Vitamix reviews I come across makes me wish to buy an additional one. Absolutely the customer reviews express that here lacks concern something to like for everybody. Regardless of whatever you are looking for, you will discover it.

The Vitamix will certainly excite everyone that uses one. This is generally one of the most important home device in the cooking area for healthy meal processing. It calls for just a few seconds to be able to mix up food things to the very best feasible condition for the function of digestive system break down. It is essential to have the alternative to rely upon a product that could help everyone make much healthier dishes nowadays. The Vitamix often is the response. Consuming even more fresh whole-food recipes made in this incredible extremely blender will certainly help in reducing high-blood stress, reduced high cholesterol degrees, take care of blood sugar level as well as much more.

Perhaps among the best components that the organization attributes is the no threat trial. It manages you the chance to experiment with your Vitamix within your personal kitchen area for as long as One Month without devoting a penny. Fact be informed there really is absolutely no risk in your investment. You never ever need to be concerned that you are losing your cash – this certain blender is certainly sustained via the company. You are able to try the product and make your choice. Not to fret, this specific version will certainly almost certainly last for a long time. These blenders have the primary guarantee specifics you’ll locate for this kind of home appliance, and they are sturdily made. The firm will repair or conversely upgrade it free of charge if you ever before need repair service.

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