Shakeology Nutrition Facts – The Balanced Truth

shakeology nutrition facts

Shakeology nutrition facts can rattle you to the bones–especially considering calcium content. Shakeology is a shake and fruit replacement combo that is sold through pyramid marketing. Of course, the objective of the product is to help the consumer lose weight, become healthy and control the appetite.

However, actual Shakeology nutrition facts available don’t reflect that the above benefits are being met by the drink, which, according to many reviewers on the Web, is being merchandised rather too aggressively via the pyramid scheme. One reviewer mentioned being pressured by her best friend to buy and thanked reviewers for having warned her beforehand, thus helping her take her money and run.

The Shakeology slimming product sells for $130 before tax. What you get is either 30 servings in a resealable pack or 24 single-serve packets. One reviewer was brave enough to say that Shakeology nutrition facts are true with the exception of taste, which a huge majority of reviewers chorused, was truly atrocious.

According to one consumer, however, the taste of the drink could be significantly improved by adding rice milk, almond milk or cinnamon. Other people say that throwing in more fruits and vegetables into the blender can help mask the awful taste.

One thing commendable is that the shake has chosen a midpoint when it comes to caloric values. It occupies the middle ground as far as actual calories are concerned. Another plus factor is that Shakeology contains the least sodium compared to other leading brands such as 18Shake, Herbalife, and GNC.

But as far as the high retail price goes, the product is simply unable to present any alternative facts. It’s just the most expensive shake that exists, smashing the Isagenix record. And so a big caveat emptor to budget-conscious buyers. If you must insist on using the product, be sure to match the consumption with double the exercise you normally do while using any of the top shake and meal replacement combos that have been around for a while. You get 160 calories per serving, so you have to find a way to burn all that when you are dead set on losing weight.

In packing the product with natural ingredients, the meal replacement goes overboard. To illustrate, there are 70 different ingredients per serving. If the manufacturer can find a way to make the taste more palatable if not outrageously nutritious, Shakeology nutrition facts might yet achieve market redemption.

Meanwhile, it’s a wait-and-see attitude for millions of people worldwide who got so excited by Shakeology’s aggressive campaign. The moral of the story is that it’s no longer enough to load a health drink with nourishing features. The taste of the product is still on top of the totem pole, as far as consumers are concerned.

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