Why Do Nurses wear Scrubs?

nursing scrub top

While some people think nurses and doctors wear scrubs to look sexy (well, some nurses and doctors definitely look sexy in scrubs (no offense trying to be nice here)), the real answer to this question of course if different. Nurses and doctors do not wear scrubs because of comfort at all. It is a necessity for their jobs. Nurses and doctors wear medical because on a daily basis they can get blood, stool, urine, vomit, and many other bodily fluids on work attire. You would certainly not want that on your regular street clothes.

In addition to protect regular clothes from these bodily fluids, scrubs offer some significant advantages when it comes to cleaning them. Medical scrubs can be cleaned at much higher temperatures to kill any bacteria and to remove any stains from blood as an example. These scrubs can be washed with harsher chemicals than what one use at home in order to get them clean.

Another reason why nurses and doctors wear scrubs is identification. Since nurses and doctors perform some critical tasks and also come into touch with sensitive information, it is easy to spot them when they scrubs. Of course scrubs itself are not enough to identify a nurse or a doctor, one should always check the ID badge if you do not recognize your regular nurse or doctor.

Scrubs can also easily be changed when getting dirty on the job. Try that with regular street clothes as an example. There are many more reasons why nurses and doctors wear scrubs, but these the main reasons explaining the situation.

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